Barnardo's Children’s Centres at a glance Offer in Sandwell


The aims of the service are:
• The early identification and support of children with additional needs
• To provide information and advice for families about services in their respective town and across the borough as a whole.
• To offer a programme of antenatal education courses across the borough
• To proactively support families in engaging their children’s early language development
• To encourage families to maximise the available early years opportunities through Nursery Education Funding (NEF) and Early Learning for Twos Funding (ELT).
• To provide a range of support services for families to address their individual needs
• In all aspects of delivery to work in partnership with other statutory and voluntary sector agencies
• To establish a comprehensive volunteering programme to support the work of the service and to provide parents with invaluable training and experience in their route towards further education and employment as necessary
• To ensure the evaluation of all aspects of the service and capturing the impact evidence of the work

………and much more! Please contact your local Children's Centre for a friendly chat about how they may be able to support you and the children and families you are working with.