Grantham Yorke Trust


Grants might be given for:

·       clothing, equipment or books to help someone leaving education and going into work or training

·       supporting the assistance of someone in need of physical, mental or moral care education

·       or training to prevent drug abuse, alcohol and gambling, having children or child neglect


Trustees’ Aims:  Income is to be used for the benefit of persons under the age of 25 years only and who are in need. The Trustees wish to advance the education, physical and social training of children and youngsters by providing financial assistance for the purchase of school uniforms, work outfits, personal clothing, work/educational tools, instruments, equipment, educational books for use whilst at University/College and other educational establishments. At the present time course fees and associated expenditure are excluded.

Awards will be made to assist, by way of education and training, to help prevent juvenile delinquency, the use and abuse of drugs, alcohol and gambling; the procreation of unwanted children; and also to help prevent neglect or ill treatment of children.

The Trustees will also provide financial assistance for recreation and other leisure-time occupations or interests for children and young people with the object of improving their conditions of life and helping them develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities, self-reliance and individual responsibility.

Trustees’ Criteria - The Trustees work to the following criteria:

· Preference will be given to applicants born within the Old West Midlands Metropolitan County area. This area includes Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Coventry, Solihull, Sandwell, Walsall, Dudley and Wolverhampton. The districts of Tamworth and Redditch are also included.

· Following a recent Trustees’ decision the area of concern has been expanded to include youngsters born in Hereford, Shropshire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire.

· Normally single grants are awarded. Exceptional projects may be supported for more than one year but for no more than three consecutive years.

· The Trustees wish to support specific projects and rarely respond to a general appeal. They do not provide ipads/laptops/computers for individuals.

· It is important that applicants provide evidence where necessary which makes clear the relationship of the current application to the sources both of present funding and of the applicant’s ideas for future funding.

· The Trustees look sympathetically at innovations which have a sound financial basis.

· Applicants must send supporting literature and this must be specifically relevant to the subject matter of the present application and should also have Charitable Status and provide a full set of Year End Accounts.

· The Trustees welcome a report on past awards granted (if applicable) and a detailed letter to accompany this application

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