Equality, Diversity & Racial Acceptance Program


Listen Uplift Vent CIC was created to provide women and young girls with a platform to develop, grow and be the best that they can possibly be. LUV CIC is built around three key fundamental values, which are:
EMPOWER - We provide space and opportunities to inspire self belief, supporting more women to reach their potential.

EDUCATE - We provide a range of programs that help girls and women acquire the necessary skills to become more resilient, more skilled and have a greater level of knowledge on aspects that are important in their lives.

ELEVATE - We increase self belief and self-LUV in girls and women so that they can be elevated which will help them have continued growth and success. LUV CIC provides a range of targeted interventions that seek to motivate, inspire and impart lasting change in women of all ages and backgrounds.

One of our flagship programmes is the Equality, Diversity and Racial Acceptance training for School Staff, Pupils, Management Committees and Parents. Since being released in 2020, the programme has been an overwhelming success in Schools and the wider community. 

The Programme revolves around understanding diversity and inclusion on a much deeper level whilst helping people understand the need to embrace cultural and community cohesion through acceptance and understanding.

Contact Details: 0121 312 0555


Opening Times: Monday – Friday 9am till 5pm