SP-EAK Training Suicide Prevention – Explore, Ask, Keep-safe


What is SP-EAK? 

A half-day training course that prepares participants to identify persons with thoughts of suicide, respond appropriately and effectively and connect them to support. 

What happens? 

  • Discussions around knowledge of suicide 
  • Exploration and understanding of signs a person at risk of suicide may give 
  • Learn clear and practical information on how to explore suicide and respond appropriately
  • Consider 'real life' scenarios 
  • Conclude with an emphasis on the importance of self-care 

Who should attend? 

This course is aimed at professionals who come into regular contact with young people but aren't necessarily a long-term caregiver.  It is also suitable for professionals who only come into contact with adults. 

How does SP-EAK help to prevent suicide? 

The majority of young people experiencing thoughts of suicide show or give signs to those around them that they may be thinking about taking their life.  Participants will learn what these ‘signs’ look like, how to respond to them and how to work with that person to keep them suicide-safe – including, where necessary, which supports or organisations to signpost onto. 

After training, participants will:  

  • Have a greater awareness of the prevalence of suicide on a local and national level 
  • Be more aware of what signs to look out for 
  • Have the skills and confidence to explore suicide appropriately when identifying signs 
  • Understand what sources of support are available to promote safety 

Want to book or find out more information? 

Call: 0121 437 0411 or email: westmidlands@papyrus-uk.org