SP-OTed Session with PAPYRUS: Suicide Prevention — Overview Tutorial


What are SP-OT sessions?

SP-OT sessions are 90 minute sessions which invite participants to have an open and honest talk about suicide.

What happens at SP-OT sessions? 
Through open and honest talk, the sessions aim to increase awareness of the prevalence of young suicide and aim to break stigma and taboo surrounding suicide. Such talk may:

  • Challenge the stigma and taboo surrounding suicide
  • Increase participants awareness of the sensitivity of language when talking about suicide
  • Increase participants understanding of why a person may consider suicide
  • Increase personal commitment to and action in suicide prevention
  • Support the spread of training opportunities and networking activities

How do SP-OT sessions help prevent suicide? 
A session will encourage participants to consider the question 'should we talk about suicide?' uncovering attitudes and beliefs around this question in order to shatter the stigma that can surround suicide. 

What attendees said:

“The session was very interactive and stimulating. It's made me aware of very subtle things such as the use of language that can potentially decrease suicide. It will definitely benefit me in my role in education and will make me more confident, talking about suicide.”

“Training has made me a lot more aware of suicide awareness. I had no idea that it was the leading cause of death in young people. It has made me feel that I know and understand more and that has put me in a better position to help someone who may need help.”

Want to book or find out more information? 

Call: 0121 437 0411 or email: westmidlands@papyrus-uk.org