Permanency in Sandwell: A Partnership Approach


Permanence - creating more resilience within families and communities and ensuring all of our children and young people have a safe, happy and stable home.

  • Secure children’s futures with their families wherever possible. When they cannot live with their parents we will secure the best plan to meet their needs in their timescales 
  • The voice of the child and understanding their lived experience is central to everything we do. 
  • Primary and Parallel planning will drive children achieving a secure and loving family and home 
  • Attention to diversity and equality informing our assessments and plans

Permanency in Sandwell: A Partnership Approach defines permanency and the aims; a set of principles; and a range of permanency options for children, as well as priority areas of action to help all professionals achieve permanent homes for children as early in their lives as possible and can be found here