Meet local Providers

Want to find out a little more about our local Providers? Below you will find videos from: 

The Regis Academy, Krunch, Kooth, Sandwell Advocacy and 4 Community Trust.

The Regis Academy: our aim is to support and challenge every child to achieve at the highest possible level and create a safe and secure environment where every child is happy, valued and prepared to make a positive contribution to our changing society - further details can be found here

Krunch: the aim of all our services is to offer support, guidance and encouragement to young people thereby enabling them to fulfill their potential - services can be found here

Kooth: free, safe and anonymous support through an online mental wellbeing community - services can be found here.

Sandwell Advocacy: provides independent advocacy throughout Sandwell, promoting rights, voice and empowerment - services can be found here.

4 Community Trust: serves Sandwell residents. Particularly those with children in their care. We thrive to create equal opportunity for all - services can be found here.