Meet local Providers

Want to find out a little more about our local Providers? Below you will find videos from: 

PAGE, The Regis Academy, Krunch, Kooth, Sandwell Advocacy and 4 Community Trust.

Parents, Advocacy, Guidance & Empowerment (PAGE): provides a dual independent advocacy and independent living skills service in Sandwell for parents with a learning disability who are subject to Children’s Services intervention across the continuum from Early Help Assessment through to court proceedings. This service is delivered by Sandwell Advocacy and Ideal For All - find out more here

The Regis Academy: our aim is to support and challenge every child to achieve at the highest possible level and create a safe and secure environment where every child is happy, valued and prepared to make a positive contribution to our changing society - further details can be found here

Krunch: the aim of all our services is to offer support, guidance and encouragement to young people thereby enabling them to fulfill their potential - services can be found here

Kooth: free, safe and anonymous support through an online mental wellbeing community - services can be found here.

Sandwell Advocacy: provides independent advocacy throughout Sandwell, promoting rights, voice and empowerment - services can be found here.

4 Community Trust: serves Sandwell residents. Particularly those with children in their care. We thrive to create equal opportunity for all - services can be found here.