Sandwell Multi-Agency Child Exploitation Strategy 2022-2025


Purpose of Child Exploitation Strategy
This strategy aims to promote a culture whereby nobody tolerates or ignores
exploitation, and where communities, families and all professionals are made aware
of how to identify, report and tackle those that perpetrate exploitation, to prevent them
from further abusing children, and protect those children who are abused.
To achieve this, the SCSP aim to have strong and effective multi-agency working
arrangements that recognise all types of exploitation, and where:
• There is a clear understanding of the scope of the problem
• Practice is informed by national, regional and local learning, the law, policy,
research and local intelligence including single and multiagency quantitative
and qualitative data and information.
• Practitioners are committed, confident and competent to work with families
where exploitation is known or suspected

SCSP revised Multi-Agency Child Exploitation Strategy 2022-25 can be accessed via: