Support for at Risk and Vulnerable Young People


Brook’s 1:1 intervention programme has been very busy this year with referrals coming in thick and fast. As a result of the volume we have received we are currently having to run a waiting list. Please be assured that we are working our way through all referrals as quickly as we can.

We are still receiving referrals and offering this invaluable support until July 2023 you can refer into the service using this link 

Brook’s My Life 1-1 programmes are an early help intervention which aim to awaken and enhance young people’s motivation, knowledge and skill to effectively assess and manage risk, build resilience and improve their own health and wellbeing. The programme is a voluntary goal based programme that can also focus on targeted RSE support. Each young person referred into the service is offered as a series of 1:1 sessions with one of our expert education and wellbeing specialists. These can be delivered digitally or face to face.