Walk With Us: A Toolkit for Supporting Children, Young People and Families Affected or Bereaved by Suicide


This toolkit, developed by Chilypep, provides a warm and welcoming resource for children, young people and families who are affected and bereaved by suicide. Throughout its colourful and bright pages, it supplies clear guidance and brilliant tips on various topics such as how to talk about suicide, where to find help, self-care and more. It discusses ending the stigma around talking about suicide and embraces the power of open conversation. 

This toolkit has been curated and co-produced by children and young people who have been bereaved by suicide and professionals who have dealt with those bereaved directly. 

‘Walk With Us,’ provides important guidance on how to talk about suicide and gives suggestions on what to say or do whilst also discussing what not to do. There is also a section on how to talk to children about the topic of suicide which is crucial as this isn’t done enough and so this Toolkit is also a great resource for parents. 

‘Walk With Us’ supplies lots of resources with links, as well as information on where to get help and who to talk to, creating a really useful variety of support which may not otherwise be accessible and clear. The Toolkit additionally provides doodle and notes pages which creates a space for children to write or draw their own thoughts, letting them feel like they are a part of the Toolkit and the conversation. This helps with allowing the Toolkit to feel less daunting to read and reaffirms you can take a break if you need to! 

Overall, this Toolkit provides a calm and positive message throughout and reinforces the validity of one’s feelings and the importance of self-care with a variety of resources alongside. We believe this could be useful for children and young people who have been bereaved by suicide as it addresses important topics that can sometimes be hard to talk about whilst also providing extensive resources. 

Toolkit available here Walk With Us- ABS toolkit (suicidebereavementuk.com)