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Our core offer is for pupils to attend for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 2 terms where we will work with the school, pupil, and their families to get the best outcome for the child that will enable the pupil to return to school with improved behaviour and attitude, which in turn enables them to re-engage with their learning. On occasions, following a range of assessments completed whilst on their placement we may consider that the pupil’s needs may be better met in a non-mainstream setting, we would then work with the host school, parent/carer, additional professionals and the LA to identify a more suitable setting.

This academic year we are offering schools a short 6-week placement at The Regis Academy for a positive intervention to re-engage children in their learning and can provide respite for the referring school. The pupil will have a personalised induction into the school where our staff will assess their academic ability, behaviour and attitudes and use these assessments to put an individualised programme with different strategies in place that can be used when returning to school. Once the induction is complete pupils will access a full curriculum, pastoral care and mentoring with our qualified teachers, SENCO, Learning Support Practitioners and Pastoral Manager. Our small school environment is ideal for those pupils who struggling in a large mainstream setting.

The programme consists of the following elements:

· Completion of baseline assessments
· Therapeutic interventions and mentoring by qualified staff looking at basic needs, building positive relationships, behaviour, perceptions and developing communication and conversations.
· The continuation of key stage 2 curriculum
· Parental support and workshops

The programme activities will support pupils to:

· Develop self-knowledge, self-esteem and self confidence
· Develop speaking, listening, literacy and numeracy skills
· Have the opportunity to learn through to acquiring new knowledge and make good progress according to their ability so that they increase their understanding and develop their skills in the subjects taught
· Develop respect for self and for other people
· Accept responsibility for their behaviour

Opening hours

Morning Afternoon Evening
Accessibility details
All are able to access - if pupils have a EHCP this is discussed at the referral stage to make sure the school can support needs. The cost for this 6-week placement is £2,100 (£70 per day) this does not include transport, and this is discussed during the process. The cost does include breakfast and lunch.
Staff qualifications
Qualified teachers and support staff
Additional notes
Year 3 - 6 pupils that may be struggling to access mainstream education.