Mental Health Champions Training


Place2Be is a National children and young people’s mental health charity providing counselling, mental health support, and training in UK schools and for those working with children and young people.

They have announced their FREE mental health training, which will provide a deeper understanding of children’s mental health:

Mental Health Champions – Foundation programme is for people who want to upskill and fresh their knowledge or whether it’s the first time of accessing training.

The programme aims to:

  • enhance understanding of children and young people’s mental health in school staff, trainee teachers and youth groups
  • introduce approaches that support positive wellbeing in schools, colleges and communities.

The course is suitable for people working with children and young people of any age.

Course details:

Mental Health Champions – Foundation programme is a 5-week training course. The course is online, and there are multiple start dates

The course is broken down into 15-minute sections with a requirement to complete 1-1.5 hours per week towards the programme.

The programme is split into four modules. Each module is then divided into smaller sections so you can complete the course in a way that fits in with your day.

Module 1: Understanding mental health and wellbeing

Module 2: Nature and nurture

Module 3: How can I help?

Module 4: Everybody’s business

Find out more by visiting: Children’s mental health training course (